Up With Paper Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Noel Tatt

MASON, OH – Up With Paper, the original pop-up greeting card company and the world’s leading marketer of innovative, three-dimensional greeting cards and stationery products, has partnered with Noel Tatt as the brand’s exclusive distributor in the UK as of February 1, 2019. 

With an official launch at Spring Fair, Up With Paper’s bestselling Everyday Treasures Pop-Up Greeting Cards, Panoramics Pop-Up Greeting Cards, and patented Pop-Up Snow Globe Greetings are now available to existing and new customers of Noel Tatt. Treasures greeting cards combine on-trend illustrations with impressive pop-ups, including new designs with push-button light effects. Pop-Up Snow Globe Greetingsfold flat for mailing, and come with a color-coordinated envelope and designed note sheet for a personal greeting. Panoramics greeting cards capture the best of pop-up books, combining lots of pop-ups with pull-tab interactive components, as well as sound and light effects. Many TreasuresPop-Up Snow Globe Greetings, and Panoramics designs include the option of “Choose-Your-Own message tags, allowing the design to be personalized for just the right occasion. Noel Tatt is offering all three lines for everyday greetings, available in custom 3- and 4-sided spinners, and Treasures and Pop-Up Snow Globe Greetingsfor Christmas in free-standing corrugate floor displays that can hold either or both formats.

Noel Tatt is replacing Popshots Studios, who has distributed Up With Paper’s stationery collection in the UK since 1999, as Up With Paper’s exclusive distributor in the territory.

“Noel Tatt’s customer base and award-winning customer service are a great match for our powerful pop-up brands,” said George White, President and COO of Up With Paper.  “We look forward to the increased distribution and sales that this partnership will generate in 2019 and years to come.”

Originally founded as PopShots Inc. in 1978, Up With Paper has been recognized for design excellence more than 100 times with the Greeting Card Association’s highest honor, the LOUIE award, including the “Card of the Year” LOUIE Award in 2005 and 2018. Up With Paper’s intricate, innovative TreasuresPanoramics, and Sight ‘n Sound Pop-Up Greeting Card lines, Pop-Up Snow Globe Greetings®Pop-Up NotepadsNotebooksBoxed Cards, and Trinkets® gift enclosures, as well as the company’s UWP Luxeboutique line of trend-driven pop-up greeting cards, laser cut stationery, and elegantly packaged fine soapsare available in thousands of specialty retail outlets throughout the United States and around the world.

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UWP Luxe employs artisans to create greeting cards, boxed sets, and desktop accessories. Our cards feature elaborately foiled pop-ups and dainty details that are carefully hand-crafted and finished with care.

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